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Preventive Dentistry

At Regatta Dental in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we specialize in educating, treating, and helping our patients keep their smile healthy. There are many ways to maintain a healthy smile and some of them include brushing your teeth everyday and visiting one of our hygienists for a regular cleaning of your teeth and gums at least twice a year.

Preventive Dentistry will help to reduce your risk of having sensitive teeth, worn out enamel, gum disease, or even getting cavities. The core objective of preventive dentistry is the same for everyone regardless of whether they’re 4 years old or sixty years old. The objective is to be aware of and identify the initial signs of tooth and gum disease so that they can be isolated, and fixed so it do not become worse. Richmond Hill preventive dentist, Dr. Karthika Sarvendran does all she can in order to ensure that her patients enjoy the benefits of a healthy and well-maintained smile by offering a comprehensive list of dental services:

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