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Mouthguards And Night Guards To Protect Your Smile

Mouthguards cover the teeth in order to protect them from injury like bruxism and clenching. Mouth guards are also important to protect the teeth of both adults and youth who play contact or recreational sports, such as basketball, boxing, field hockey, skateboarding, mountain biking, etc. Mouth guards usually cover only the top teeth. Guards for the bottom teeth are also available and may be recommended if you have braces or other dental appliances or concerns.

Sports Mouth Guard vs. Dental Mouth Guard

Mouthguards in Richmond Hill, ON

Bruxism is defined as the abnormal and excessive grinding of upper and lower teeth causing significant tooth destruction in children and adults. With eating and normal function, teeth only contact about four minutes a day. However, a bruxer can have teeth coming together for 6-8 hours per day which is usually their sleep period.

Clenching is the static contact of teeth together as power from the closing muscles of the jaw is applied. Clenchers move their teeth only slightly back and forth but with a heavy force. This is associated with significant wear of teeth and pain in prominent facial muscles.

The wear of teeth with bruxism and clenching will continue unless treatment is initiated. Young children grind their teeth but grow out of the habit as their permanent teeth erupt. Extensive wear of teeth can be diagnosed as early as the teen years. Treatments options depend on the degree of wear of teeth.

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